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History of Hypochlorite

In 1896, hypo chlorites were used in typhoid epidemics in Austria-Hungary on the Adriatic Sea. Chlorination was introduced in England during 1905 to eliminate typhoid fever from the water supply. One of the most significant advances in public health, chlorination and filtration in the United States eliminated typhoid, cholera, dysentery and hepatitis A

Uses of Winchlor ( Calcium Hypochlorite)

  • Winchlor is a chlorine compound highly effective against bacteria, algae,slime,fungi and other harmful organism.

  • It is use to purify drinking water , effective in treating wells, in controlling algae in reservior, filters and other water equipment.

  • It can also be use in Waste Water Treatment

  • Use in sanitizing foods and breverage containers and production equipment in dairies, restaurants, hospitals, and even farms.

  • It has an easy dilution Properties.

Precautionary Measures

  • Highly corrosive

  • Can cause Skin and Eye damage

  • Irritating to nose and Throat

  • Do not handle with Bare Hands.

  • Always wear Chemical gloves and chemical googles

  • Strong oxidizing Agents

  • Possible with fire and explosion

  • Avoid contact with Flame or burning materials such as lighted cigarettes

  • Do not Contaminate with moisture, Garbage or other chemicals

Pool Scan

A "Pool Safety Scan" is not one of those trademarked terms, just a method for evaluating the Layers of Protection (which is a trademarked term, I think) around your swimming pool.

Layers of Protection refers to the various barriers to or alarms for - unauthorized use of the pool. These Layers are like concentric rings around the pool, starting with pool alarms at the pool's edge, to the pool perimeter fence and beyond.

These layers don't have to be barriers to entry, but can also be rescue equipment, phone lines, and safety lines diving the shallow from the deep end.

Layers of protection can be as granular as a life vest or a safety turtle wristband that the young non-swimmer wears while enjoying the backyard sunshine.

So, think about the Layers of Protection around your pool that will prevent access, improve visibility, alert others or make rescue easier.

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