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Pool Supplies Products

18” Wire Brush

Thick, durable plastic body
Aluminum handle for easy telescopic pole connection
Stainless steel bristles
Not for use on vinyl, fiberglass or above ground pools
No pinch EZ clip

5” Wire Brush

Thick plastic body with aluminum reinforcement
Stainless steel bristles, perfect for killing algae
Small body for hard to reach areas
Not for vinyl, fiberglass or above ground pools
No pinch EZ clip
5 Brush

Standard Leaf Skimmer

Effortlessly Removes Debris
This Standard Leaf Skimmer is designed to easily and quickly remove debris from the surface of your pool. Built to connect easily with most telepoles, the Leaf Skimmer will be able to reach leaves, sticks, and other floating debris anywhere on the pool’s surface. It is constructed using a reinforced aluminum frame and coated with a polymer resin for durability, the Standard Leaf Skimmer will hold up to even the toughest jobs.
Easily Attaches To Telepole
Aluminum handle and quick-snap locking pin make it easy for the Leaf Skimmer to attach to and detach from a standard telepole
Built To Last
Constructed from a reinforced, 1-piece aluminum frame and handle so it won’t break down and will give you years of clean water
Won't Fade Or Corrode
Aluminum frame is coated with a specially-formulated polymer resin that prevents pool chemicals from causing fading or corrosion

Flexible Vacuum Head

14" Flexible body to efficiently clean all curves and shapes of pool
Weighted to keep head submerged
Ball bearing wheels
Metal wheel bolts
Spring action handle
Aluminum handle makes easy telepole connection
Swivel hose connection
No pinch EZ clip
Flexible Vacuum Head

Discharge Hose

Discharge Hoses or Backwash Hoses are used to discharge waste water from the filter and remove it from the filter area. This hose attaches easily to a tapered fitting inserted into the backwash port of the filter. It is held in place with a hose clamp. Made of reinforced vinyl for heavy-duty hosing.

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